PODCAST: Star Wars – Good, Evil and the Frustrating Permanence of Duality, Ep. 2

December 25, 2016: Journalist William Kern and non-dual Kabalistic shaman Timothy Rothschild examine the inner yearning that explains why humanity is currently gripped with Star Wars fever. Beyond the marketing and production values, the issue of wanting to return to Paradise (Genesis) and see good defeat evil (end times/the rapture) are themes that run through all of history and are fully embodied in the Star Wars epic. Standing above it all, however, is the human obsession with ending duality, which as Tim – who is a non-dual Kabalistic shaman – points out, cannot happen in the current context of human existence.

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Columns and Sources Discussed on this Program:

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Timothy Rothschild is a a healer and non-dual Kabalistic Shaman who hosts the weekly TalkNetwork.com program The Cosmic Perspective, where he and his guests enter into a deep exploration into the nature of reality, consciousness, and the self.

William Kern is a journalist who hosts The World Meets America Report. The founder of www.worldmeets.us, Kern has spent the last ten years showing Americans what the rest of the world really thinks of the United States. He is the inventor of trans-copyediting, a system for checking the accuracy of translated copy into multiple languages. Since 2005, managing a team of dedicated volunteer translators, Kern has edited, packaged and posted thousands of columns of news and opinion about America from publications around the world and from every major language, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian and Farsi. From the height of the Iraq war to the annexation of Crimea right up to today, Kern and his team have provided intelligence to the American people by opening up a whole new media world.

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