PODCAST: Troubleshooting the Akashic Record – A Question of Destiny and Free Will, Ep. 6


January 29, 2016: Is there a place in space and/or time where there is a record of everything that has ever happened and will ever happen to us as individuals, groups, nations and as a world? It so happens that in the spiritual literature, there is such a place, and that is the topic of this edition of Cosmic Perspective News. Journalist William Kern and non-dual Kabalistic shaman Timothy Rothschild examine one of the more fascinating destinations in the known universe – the Akashic Record. Does it exist, what does it look like, how can we get there, and why is it said to exist? Does the Akashic Record render humanity’s reputed “free will” a question of mental masturbation? Is it possible for any one of us to visit? Can we consult it to prevent the next terrorist attack or address other pressing issues in today’s news? These and many other related issues comprise this episode of Cosmic Perspective News.

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Books and Links Discussed in this Episode:

–The Secret Doctrine by Madam H. P. Blavatsky [free online]: Click Here
–Isis Unveiled by Madam H. P. Blavatsky [free online]: Click Here
–The Theosophical Society: Click Here
–Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnet [free online]: Click Here
–Clairvoyance by C.W. Ledbeater [free online] : Click Here
–Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Alice Bailey: Click Here
–Man: How, Whence and Whither? By Annie Besant and C.W. Ledbeater [free online]: Click Here
–Esoteric Psychology I: by Alice Bailey Click Here
–Esoteric Psychology II [free online] by Alice Bailey: Click Here


Information on Timothy Rothschild:
An explorer of consciousness and dedicated to healing work and finding innovative ways to expand the collective human experience, Rothschild is a non-dual Kabalistic healer, Reiki practitioner, numerologist, Tarot reader, comedian and entertainer who has ventured through the paranormal, conspiratorial and mystical realms. He uses his experiences playing “psychedelic detective” in order to cleanse the doors of perception, allowing the individual to be in relationship with reality as it is – enabling them to feel ALIVE again! He is in his 4th year of training at the Society Of Souls, and is a practitioner of the MAGI process. He is also co-host of the Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole podcast out of the Stand Up NY Comedy Club, host of the program The Cosmic Perspective and co-host of Cosmic Perspective News on TalkNetwork.com, as well as various other programs. To contact Tim for counseling, healing sessions, Tarot Card readings and other services, he can be reached at timothyr@cosmicperspectivenews.com or his Web site at TheThirdThing.Net.


Information on William Kern:
The founder, managing editor and executive director of non-profit journalism project Worldmeets.US, Kern is a former copy editor and page designer at numerous newspapers, including the International Herald Tribune, the San Mateo Country Times, the Taipei Times and the Taiwan News. In 2005 he began his life’s work of revealing to the American people how the non-English global media covers the United States when he invented trans-copyediting – a system that allows news editors to check the accuracy of human-translated copy and in 2007, he incorporated Worldmeets.US Inc. as an educational non-profit. Over the years, Kern and his dedicated global team of translators have rendered into English thousands of columns about the United States – its politics, culture and history – from around the planet and every major language. In partnership with The London Metropolitan University, Worldmeets.US is helping train the translators of tomorrow, offering internships to qualified student candidates.

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